Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Irrefutable Logic Showing That If You Fear Global Warming, You Must Not Support Clinton

Yes, Trump doesn't believe in global warming, but that will change. And not believing in global warming at this time is not nearly as destructive to our future as a President who answers to the fossil fuel business.

If we end up with the Donald, he will feel the real burn of global warming soon, and hopefully not too late to try to fix it. 

In contrast, all of Clinton's power is bought by corporations, her hands are tied, and she is powerless to fix global warming. 

Global warming frightens almost everyone, other than Trump.  But, has this widely-held fear pushed corporations to take stock of what they are doing? Of course not. They are corporations, not able and, by law, not allowed to consider the planet and life. They are not human, not animal, just paper-and-ink constructs that have taken control of our governments. 

As the world gets hotter and hotter, if corporations are still at the helm, our planet is cooked. 

If a voter feels the threat of global warming is real, that person must not support Clinton. Clinton, because she is corporate-controlled, is a death sentence for the planet.  She is the greater evil.