Monday, July 28, 2008

The High Sierra

If you are doubtful
that Nature has a Plan,
if you think you should worry
because you are Man

A High Sierra hike
will put all doubt to rest,
Where trial sirens beckon,
"The next sight's the best".

You'll contrast the mountain's
old age, strength, and power,
with the exquisitely intricate
unfolding flower.

And bouquets of wild colors
splashed on the meadow,
smile, wink, and wave
in sunshine and shadow.

Such warm sky and sunshine,
but never enough,
to melt the old snow
in the crag 'neath the bluff.

A challenging trail
leads up to the blue,
where a shimmering lake
patiently waits for you.

Streams and cascades
splash down rocks as they roll
through the valley and leave us
a good fishing hole.

Buzz buzzing bees
all doing their duty,
And mysterious bugs
that redefine beauty.

Lizards and squirrels
take a peek, then are coy.
Plants stretch out their leaves
to offer their joy.

Butterflies flit
up the path on your way.
They're proud to exhibit
their detailed display.

Delighted, you hear
the song of a bird
as she retells the story
that she's always heard.

Your stomach is growling,
nothing's left in your pack.
It's sad to remember
it's time to turn back.

Marilyn Davis
Camping and hiking

Photos by my X.