Saturday, May 21, 2016

Your Vote Is Sacred

Democracy lives in our hearts, similar to love.

Democracy holds a sense of rightness.  It is the way to be happiest as a community.
The power in democracy can best be understood with the well-studied conclusion: the more democratic the society, the less violent, and the more cooperative.  Less violence shows up in aversion to war, in fewer violent crimes, and in reduced domestic violence.

Quality of life is so much better without violence.  This is what healthy people want. By healthy, I mean, most particularly, those who long for security and beauty for our planet, forever.  Who could want otherwise?

These innate human understandings, love and democracy, are within us because they come from God, or from our DNA-given survival instinct, if those words work better for you.

Love has a sacred and evolutionarily important reason to be within us.  Love is God's communication with each of us to show us what we want as individuals.  Our evolution is dictated by love to whatever degree our unprotected sexual activity is dictated by love.

Like love, democracy has a sacred and evolutionarily important reason to be within us.

Democracy is a contract with God and with your community so that you can act together to find the way to a lovely future. The process itself brings ideas and right decisions, when the participants are truthful.

The most important result of democracy, of a vote, is *not* whom should be president.  The more sacred purpose of a vote is to express your true self and to discover the common identity that we are together -- so we can know and understand and love our community, and grow together.  For this reason alone, it is critical that we each vote the truth of our conscience. Realize that our conscience comes from God, and that the conscience is God's way to show us how to behave, and in particular, how to vote.

There is another reason, more immediate, why it is critically important to vote according to your conscience.

Election cycle after election cycle we have been pressed to vote the lesser of two evils.  As we continually do the repugnant duty of voting for an evil, we reward the political parties for giving us evil choices, and, encouraged by the reward, the parties give us choices that are more and more evil.

Please help to end this downward spiral.

Vote according to your conscience.  Keep your covenant with God.  Whatever else happens, this evil or that evil, do not help it.  Keep your conscience clean.  Vote your truth.